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About me:

I am a lifetime artist, diving into anatomical drawings of animals before I could read. My love for pencil and paper stayed with me through college at Art Institute of Atlanta, where I got my BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration. I’ve maintained a freelance business for about 6 years, and have been fortunate to work for a handful of diverse companies that taught me a ton about visual communication and the artist’s path.

I am a perpetual student and maintain a healthy diet of historical type research, anatomical studies, and I devour symbols and patterns from around the world. I am enthralled by what we hold sacred, what we need to be whole, how we build communities through the arts and advocacy.

I currently reside in Nashville TN and am undergoing an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist with one of the top artists in the region, Brandon Hanna. His versatile and meticulous style are a great fit for a mentor, and I’m already enjoying his input on my art process.

I am currently booking free apprentice tattoos. Go here to contact me about booking an appointment. I am also still taking art commissions and graphic design clients.

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